The Reel Thing: May 8, 2017

The Reel Thing for May 8, 2017

-It may seem like we have been lost in space since late March, but we’re finally back! Chris and Mark review the latest box office king, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the previous champ (The Fate of the Furious), and the indie monster flick, Colossal.

-The Reel Thing also briefly discusses the recent trailers from worlds far, far away (specifically, The Last Jedi and Blade Runner 2049).

-This show is 90+ minutes long, and for good reason as Mark and Chris go into detail prognosticating the 2017 summer movie season, as we talk about our picks for biggest money maker, our biggest flop and/or disappointment, surprise movies we think will hit it big, and our top five movies we’re looking forward to seeing in theaters.

-Finally, the #SIGNIFICANTDEATHS of two individuals are discussed: Oscar winning director Jonathan Demme and comedian Charlie Murphy.


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