The Reel Thing: May 30th, 2017


-Happy Memorial Day, guys and gals! We bring you back to the summer movie season by talking about the top grosser for this holiday weekend (Pirates 5: Johnny Depp Needs The Scratch), and our assessment of the newest in sci-fi terror, Alien: Covenant. Is it something to write home about or will they hear you groan in space instead of scream?

-We also discuss the latest offerings of Netflix in the form of the Brad Pitt movie War Machine and the latest season (first episode, actually) of the political drama House of Cards.

-In what could very well be one of the dumbest things we’ve ever read on air, some men have taken offense due to a women’s-only screening of the DC superhero movie Wonder Woman by the Alamo Drafthouse. Take that for what you will, y’all.

#SIGNIFICANTDEATHS took their toll this month, as we discuss the contributions of actors Michael Parks, Powers Boothe, singer/songwriter Chris Cornell, and Sir Roger Moore.


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