The Reel Thing: June 29, 2017

The Reel Thing for June 29, 2017

-Salutations to all our listeners. Apologizing in advance for speeding through the numbers from last weekend (TL; DR Transformers was meh $ wise, Wonder Woman continues to bank) so that we can get to our review of the highly anticipated Edgar Wright movie, Baby Driver. Is it clutch on the track or does it stall out?

-We also talk with Chris (our resident Star Wars fan) about his opinion concerning the recent firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (friends of Hippojuice) from the Han Solo movie. THERE IS A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE, Y’ALL.

-Our hosts touch on some recent shows wrapping up their seasons as well as debuting to critical acclaim, including Veep, House Of Cards and the latest from Netflix, GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling).

-Finally, yes, #FINALLY Mark affirms Frank Butterman from Hot Fuzz and watches the Michael Bay comedy film, Bad Boys II (WATCHA GON DO WHEN DEY COME FOR YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU???).


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