The Reel Thing: December 27, 2016

The Reel Thing for December 27, 2016

-Happy Holidays to one and all, and may the Force be with you as we both review the reigning champ for the last two weeks from a galaxy, far, far away, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s made a ton of dough at the box office, but is it worth the hype or are we being pulled into another SW cash grab (FYI, technically they’re all cash grabs, to be honest)?

-RIP Carrie Fisher, who died today. We remember her for being the bad ass woman that she was and is to fans of Star Wars (and film) everywhere #SIGNIFICANTDEATHS

-Chris and Mark review two new trailers that came out, both courtesy of Ripley Scott (Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2049), and Mark may have to watch a movie for #FINALLY based on this conversation

-We end this year (and the holiday season) with a run-through of our favorite and recommended Christmas movies you should give a damn about. WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL!


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