Talk Radio Meltdown: February 3rd, 2017

Talk Radio Meltdown 2/3/17 – Episode 340: meow-182

– Big radio news: Entercom purchases CBS Radio
– Following his lavish work-trip to California, Jack has an unhealthy obsession with In-n-Out Burger
– 2017 just started and we already lost some great celebrities
– Ben Affleck drops out of directing “The Batman,” amid other failures

– Big Red has a big birthday
– Red vs. AMC Theaters
– M. Night Shamalamadingdong made a movie that doesn’t suck
– Will Smith wants to disown his spawn, Jaden
– Gauging the new Nickelback song, on a scale from Bad to Nickelback
– Of course, someone made a Smash Mouth/Nickelback mashup
– Danny Tramp vs. Arnie Schwarzenheimer vs. Robert de Niro
– SNL’s Pete Davidson and 9/11 humors
– Real estate guy shits all over Patton Oswalt’s dead wife using his professional Twitter account, immediately loses job
– South Park plans to avoid Trump jokes for the next season
– Red is cheating on TRM by listening to a new podcast

– Tom DeLonge is making a movie about UFOs and skateboarders
– Jack and Mike sing meow-182’s greatest hits
– Mike distracts Red with cat videos, causing his ADD to spiral out of control
– Jack was introduced to a poutine place in Los Angeles that delivers until 4am


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