Talk Radio Meltdown : December 30th, 2016

Talk Radio Meltdown 12/30/16 – Episode 337: My Year In Lists

– Enjoy our final episode of the year; a year we would otherwise like to forget
– Acquiring the new board for the show has been nothing short of a nightmare for Jack
– The Great Celebrity Genocide of 2016 has hit it’s peak: RIP Carrie Fisher, – Debbie Reynolds, the actor who performed Alf, and the guy who invented the Red Solo cup
– Man creates a GoFundMe to protect Betty White from 2016
– Jack really dislikes country music

– Talk Radio Meltdown’s Top 10 songs of 2016, continued!
– Steve Martin and Cinnabon post tweets about Carrie Fisher that offend everyone (but probably would have made Carrie Fisher herself laugh)
– Rogue One is one of the best Star Wars movies in the franchise
– Jack watched the Eagles tribute on CBS
– Horrific names for your baby

– Battlefield 1 players attempt a Christmas truce and party like it’s 1914
– Buckcherry, not to be confused with Chuck Berry; one should be dead, and one is still very much alive


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