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The Untitled Movie Podcast: July 17th, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for 7/17/2016

-It’s the return of the G, Chris Whetton, who gives his take on The Secret Life of Pets and how Zootopia sets a new standard for witty animated movies
-We review the box office numbers for the past two weeks (ALL HAIL ALBERT BROOKS, KING OF THE SUMMER 2016), and our collective review for the movie Ghostbusters (SPOILERS, DAMN IT!).
-Lazy movie sequels for the summer of 2016, your numbers are up (or, rather, down).
-“Here’s a quarter. Go downtown and have a rat gnaw the tv show Uncle Buck off your face, ABC”.
-The Alien franchise is going down not one, but TWO, directions moving forward. Whaaaaaaaaaa????
-Did you know that July 14th was Con Air Day? SHAME ON YOU.
-Mark reviews Everybody Wants Some!!….let the good times roll, y’all.


The Untitled Movie Podcast: July 3rd, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for 7-3-2016:

-Damon Devorss, the American Dream, is our special guest for our show this week since Chris is doing the vacation thing for the long weekend (seriously, though, why should you listen to Damon? He knows a lot about horror movies, you should!)
-What is the most American movie? We talk about that, about movies that make you feel good when you feel shitty or sick, and what movies get you in the zone to kick some ass!
-Also, we’re day drankin’, so we go off on wild tangents (Roger Rabbit, Jerry Maguire, Rambo, you’re up!). Please bear with us.


The Untitled Movie Podcast: June 26, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for June 26, 2016:

-It’s been a while, so let’s catch up on the weekend box office for the last three weeks (cash is king, obviously)
-Finding Dory, as reviewed by Chris, was a sequel that was asked for by many….Independence Day: Resurgence, not so much.
-Warcraft (directed by Duncan Jones) needs to learn how to say THANK YOU in Chinese thanks to their box office draw
-JK Simmons now is Commissioner Gym Gordon (thank you, Damon)
-Helen Mirren is now going to be in Fast & Furious 8? Alllllllllrighty then.
-We go through an HBO update, including GoT, Westworld, Vinyl, True Detective and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
-You like TV shows like The Jinx and Making A Murderer? You really need to watch OJ: Made In America according to Mark.
-The Jerry Lewis clown Holocaust movie gets talked about and reviewed. No, this sentence is not a typo.
-Eli Roth is working with Bruce Willis AND Jim Carrey??
-RIP Anton Yelchin
-Our collective review of 10 Cloverfield Lane
-We went to a Lebowski event at the Polk Theatre, and accidentally spit on fellow movie watchers. Sorry?


The Untitled Movie Podcast: June 6TH, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for 6/5/2016

1. The weekend box office made under $100 million dollars for the top 5? THE END IS NIGH!!!!!
2. Star Wars: Rogue One is getting reshoots, so we should all crawl into a hole and die crying or something.
3. We literally review a shit ton of movies, including Midnight Special, The Nice Guys, Hail Caesar!, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and then talk about them at length depending on our mood and the amount of beers Mark has drank.
4. We nerd out on one of the best movies EVER, Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


The Untitled Movie Podcast: May 19, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for May 19, 2016:

-Apologies for the last podcast messing up sound-wise are in order (for the record, Mark HATES fucking up)
-Your box office update, Zack Snyder is out (you win, nerds) and not even Marvel can hit a 1.000, can it?
-Ghostbusters comes out with another trailer. Do we still give a shit, and the politics of movies and their toy tie-ins
-Woody Allen comes back into the conversation thanks to Cannes, Blake Lively and his monstrous talent/parenting skills
-For $99 million, I’ll legally change my name to James Bond (but don’t ask Daniel Craig)
-Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to buy her GOOP dildo
-The trailer round-up (Assassin’s Creed, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, The Accountant and Free State Of Jones), and why do movie studios keep fucking up trailers??
-We review The VVitch and Deadpool (also, Mark is a pussy)

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The Untitled Movie Podcast: May 8th, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for May 8, 2016

-It’s late, and we just got our Thrones on, but screw it, we talk about Captain America (FUCK YEAH): Civil War (how much money it made, how we got to making this movie with all principle actors and actresses, and a breakdown of what Chris and Mark did and did not like (so SPOILERS or have fun ruining it for yourselves)

-With this latest movie, we go into our updated top 5 superhero movies of all time (OF ALL TIME)

-Mark reviews the movie Keanu since he forgot to do so last week

-Radiohead comes out with a new album (and subsequent music video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who’s also done similar work with Fiona Apple), so Mark goes into former music video directors who made the jump-off into feature filmmaking (if you know half of this shit, Mark will be very proud of you)

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The Untitled Movie Podcast: May 2nd, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for 5/2/2016:

-Chris sees The Jungle Book (you know, the movie his kids already saw), which is making Disney an obscene amount of money, as is Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War
-Speaking of which, Civil War comes out this week. We talk about how much $ it’ll make as well as the state of superhero movies/our opinions about them/etc.
-The best acting (???) Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have ever done courtesy of the Australian government
-Yeah yeah yeah, this is a movie podcast, but we can still talk about Game of Thrones, right?
-Trailers and our hot takes (X-Men, ID4 Pt. 2, Magnificent 7, The Infiltrator, & Jason Bourne)
-We briefly touch on spy movies and Napoleon Dynamite since Mark sees movie themes all the time via burlesque shows
-Rest in peace, Prince Rogers Nelson, you sexy M.F.


Untitled Movie Podcast: April 17th, 2016

-The Jungle Book banks, Chris’ kids are better moviegoers than we are, and Pete’s Dragon better have a pink moptop!
-Texting almost being allowed in AMC movie theaters: would you like to be punch in the face or kicked in the dick by Mark first?
-Mel Gibson’s new trailer and how the legacy of movies can be ruined by how shitty and awful people are in real life (thanks, Jason Chachula!)
-Doctor Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One get some love for their trailers
-Some guy wins the Pussy Olympics simply by being cast as the next Han Solo, and please have a dolphin squeak in your movie, Mr. Lord and Mr. Miller.
-Sequels that nobody has asked for, or are we being too picky? (MIB 23/Avatar 2-5/Dick Tracy 2/Bill & Ted 3/Spiderman: Homecoming/etc.)
-Quick reviews of some movies Mark watched (Mr. Right/Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)
-Mark has finally found Jesus (The Jesus, that is) and we nerd out on some Lebowski/SHAMELESS MOXIE LE FEMME PLUG!
-Chris watched Inherent Vice (damn you, PT Anderson, get your shit together, please)


The Untitled Movie Podcast: April 3rd, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for 4-3-2016
-Batman V Superman made HOW much?? Still, everyone wants to exile Zack Snyder (the nerds have spoken, and we nerd out for better or worse). STOP ASSESSING IN ABSOLUTES!
-How precious is a franchise to you, herr direktor? Enough to reshoot it before its release in four months (re: Suicide Squad)? Also, hello, Plano, TX!
-4/26 is Alien Day, so go buy these shoes. Also, tomorrow is National Grilled Cheese Day.
-Sayonara, Back To The Future ride.
-What movies are untouchable to remake? Is it even worth it? Do you feel lucky to roll the dice?
-God damn you, Lakeland, for preventing us from watching one of favorite new director’s (Jeff Nichols) upcoming release Midnight Special. But I saw Mud so I guess we’ll talk about it.
-Richard Linklater has a new movie coming out? SWEET.


The Untitled Movie Podcast: March 27th. 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast notes from 3-27-2016:

-Apologies to Chris for fucking up his name last week (no, I was not drinking)
-Seriously, guys, why should you listen to us? We go into our backgrounds as far as movie knowledge is concerned.
-Screw it, we know why we’re here: Batman V Superman (what we thought about it, liked/didn’t like, miscellaneous things regarding the release, etc., and we even have a SPECIAL GUEST to talk about how much HE liked it so we don’t sound like a couple of assholes….more so!)
-We really need a new name for this podcast (you think Frank Darabont or Stephen King will mind?)
-RIP Garry Shandling
-Future April releases: what looks good and whooooooooooooooooooooooo cares??


Untitled Movie Podcast: March 20th, 2016

Show Title: The Untitled Movie Podcast (LINE!)
– The teaser trailer: necessary for our ADD generation?
– Batman vs. Superman comes out this week. Have there been enough trailers released for this thing, and will it be worth a damn?
– Movies of our youth being redone (re: Ghostbusters/the new Indiana Jones): Criminal or do we just want to complain?
– Previewing upcoming summer movies for 2016: do we give a shit and why or why not?
– Deadpool and the rise of upcoming R rated movies: justified or gimmicky?
– our (way too late) Oscars take on the winners, snubs and the telecast in general (SPOILER ALERT: it’s still too fucking long, guys)