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GoT Wieners and Such: July 19th, 2017

Game of Thrones Wieners and Such Highlights S7E1 7/19/17:

– Arya is probably just going to keep killing people now

– Jon Snow and Sansa bicker about how to lead the North

– Who will last longer, Cersei or Jamie?

– How is Sam still fat after working so hard in the Library and picking up so much poop?

– Did the Ed Sheeran cameo bother you or not?

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episodes 10

Fargo S2E10 “Palindrome” Highlights 12/16/15:

– Now that Season 2 is complete, which season did you like better so far?

– What was the best monologue of the episode – Solverson about Vietnam, or Milligan about being the King?

– What was your favorite moment of Season 2 overall, and what do you think may come up in Season 3?

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episodes 7-9

Fargo S02E07-09 “The Castle” Highlights 12/9/15:

– Most surprising twist so far was Hanzee killing Dodd Gerhardt

– We finally see a UFO and somehow that’s what saves the Blomquests and Solverson

– All the Gerhardts are now dead except for Bear’s son, and Solverson’s father-in-law and wife are also probably dead

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episode 4 & 5

Fargo S2E4 and S2E5 – “Fear and Trembling” & “The Gift of the Magi” Highlights 11/11/15:

– For real, what’s with all the aliens and ufo sighting hints?

– Is Peggy Blomquist going to live or die? And is she leaving or staying?

– If the gimp didn’t fall in love with Wednesday Adams at the Butcher Shop, he wouldn’t have messed up the kill.

– Does Betsy Solverson have the real cancer medicine or the placebo?

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episode 3

Fargo S2E3 The Myth of Sisyphus Highlights 10/28/15:

– The Gerhardts have a meeting about if they go to war or not, and the kids look like they’re going to fuck over the situation

– Solverson starts asking squirrley guy the right questions, as well as the Gerhardts and Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers

– UFO sightings conversations strike twice, just as Solverson has guns pointed at him twice in one day but it’s ok because he has cake at the end of the day

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episode 2

– Floyd Gerhardt is a badass and is totally going to led the family instead of Dodd

– Lou Solverson’s wife is a great detective and his father in law Hank Larsson is intense

– Peggy Blomquist is terrible at covering up her story and leaves all the work to her husband Ed

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episode 1

More Like TV – Fargo “Waiting for Dutch” S2E1 Highlights 10/14/15:

– Peggy Blomquist (Kirsten Dumps) may be a sociopath and her husband Ed Blomquist (Fat Damon) is probably the protagonist

– The Gerhardt family are a bunch of mobster goons, and they’re probably going to get revenge for the son’s death

– The show is filmed just like a Coen Brothers movie down to the aspect ratios, film coloring, the scene setups, and movie references


More Like TV: True Detective S02E04 and S02E05

More Like TV July 22nd episode covering the 2nd Season airing of Episodes 4 and 5 is uploading to Dropbox.

* No one liked Episode 4
* Her name is Rachel McAdams-Apple. Joe disagrees.
* Frank lied to Ray. No one is surprised.
* It’s not about the length, it’s about the girth


More Like TV: True Detective S02E03

* Dutch lost a bet – bring on Lester’s Fixings
* Does Ray want to live?
* No one enjoys blow jobs on the show, NO ONE
* Yep, Vince Vaugh CAN act
* We speculate some, a lot.


More Like TV: True Detective S02E01


– True Detective S2.E1: The Western Book of the Dead Podcast Review

– Colin Farrell’s character Detective Ray Velcoro has the best cowboy mustache ever

– Rachel McAdams’ character Detective Ani Bezzerides apparently did something messed up sexually and we sided with her dad and sister about the sting

– Taylor Kitsch’s character Officer Paul Woodrugh has to be messed up emotially to need boner pills to have sex with his girlfriend