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Hollz and Rorschach: December, 19th, 2015

– This is the last Hollz and Rorschach show.. Doc Wheatley and I will be back January 2 as “Rorschach and Doc”

– The shit I took

– Star Wars fatigue

– I put to rest any discussion of my drinking.

– Hooper X vs. MSNBC anchor

– Doc calls in and George Lucas calls in

– I relive my Star Trek history and why the new trailer is bad.. very bad.. and Simon Pegg tries to redeem it.

– Childhoods End… Jessica Jones and the Independence Day 2 trailer

– My favorite Christmas Song ever


Hollz and Rorschach: December 12th, 2015

– Doc Wheatley is the new deal

– We talk about “A Very Murray Christmas”

– George Lucas has gone Insane

– Racist George Lucas and Daisy make appearances

– More Breakfast burrito talk

– Age of Apocalypse!!

– Millineals suck

– Art Bell is insane

– Ranking and skanking the late night talk show hosts


Hollz And Rorschach: December 5th, 2015

– Its me and Doc Wheatley today….
– Two Brothers!!
– Superman VS Batman Trailer and Marvel Civil War trailer!!
– Don’t now where Holly is…
– The Insane Opie and Jimmy fight…
– Breakfast foods are exploding shits.. Tina VS El Monterey
– I suck up to More Like radio
– Star Wars shit.. George is insane..
– Dad talk
– Sarah McPants rules


Hollz And Rorschach: November 21st, 2015

Doc Wheatley sits in for a sick Holly Shaneyfelt

– Doc and I talk about everything from movies to video games

– Strongbad rules!

– Mouthy girl in a fake Arab porn video reviewed

– Doc and Rorschach swap sad / funny dad stories

– Doc and Rorschach listen to their favorite Thanksgiving video with Johnny Carson and Doc Severinsen


Hollz And Rorschach: November 17, 2015

– I do a solo show today
– Dreams and parents who are dead
– Angry Jazz Player
– Angry Preacher
– Song Of the South
– The last part of the show is hijacked by The Church.


Hollz and Rorschach: October 31, 2015

– its our Halloween show..

– Put on your masks.. I have a song to play you little shits

– Holly delt with an asshole co worker

– My mom and dad traumatized me when I was little at Cry Baby Holler

– No ONE loves my William S Burroughs impersonation..

– Doc Wheatley calls in and rules with his impressions.

– I cry when I play ghost songs.. I have a total breakdown on air.

– Happy Halloween you fucking assholes


Hollz And Rorschach: October 24TH, 2015

– Holly and I talk about 1980’s movies.. and John Huges stuff… Pretty in Pink.. Sixteen Candles.. Jake Ryan was a beautiful asshole

– Rorschachs dad was Liberace

Doc Wheatley calls in and we have a Daddy off .. McDonalds is dying .. Pizza online ordering is not that bad!!

– Lady Trucker educates us on balls

– Dominoes Pizza car.. and dead hookers

– Doc, Holly and Rorschach all decide to retire the Arctic Monkeys video and Grant Van Grudant videos. What? You will never hear them again. Listen now.


Hollz And Rorschach: October 17th, 2015

– Doc Wheatley is traveling across the country

– Lady Trucker calls in and sings Happy Birthday to me.. FINALLY!!! HORNS BLASTS

– Rorschach birthday was a fucking disaster

– Doc Wheatley calls in to keep awake.. @DockyWheats was sleep deprived// @Rorschach7 was drunk & @HollzinSeattle was drugged

– The end of the show was a weird chaotic ,,,, the other end was a clusterfuck

– Boys of Summer.. What the fuck does it mean?


Hollz and Rorschach: October 10, 2015

Hollz and Rorschach 10-10-15

– We discuss the relaxing benefits of coloring books for adults

– Andy Spain calls in and tells about his gig and we play his new song

– Update on Hollz friend in the mental institution

– Rorschachs experience at the Walker County Courthouse

– Rorschach and his new best friend Mark Harris

– We all rediscover The Fixx and Pat Benetar

– Hollz and Rorschach are both attacked by spiders

– Lizard Brains


Hollz and Rorschach September 26, 2015

– Rorschach solo show and I discuss what happened to Holly Shaneyfelt

– Doc Wheatley Calls in and so does James from Long Island

– Doc and Rorschach do impression workshops. Denzel Washington is elusive.. and our Holly impression is all off.

– Rorschach discusses the Pope.. the end of the world.. Life on Mars.. and his drivers license

– Doc introduces us to a drug fueled Lord Of The Rings prequel video

– Doc and Rorschach do bonus time show and go over the Arctic Monkeys video again… and Impressions workshop part 2.

– Ariel Winter breasts


Hollz and Rorschach: September 19th, 2015

Hollz and Rorschach 9-19-15

– Sixteen Candles

– Hollz finds her theme song

– Doc Wheatly Calls in

– Fuck you all


Hollz and Rorschach: September 12th, 2015

Hollz and Rorschach 9-12-15

– Foggy Otis called in! and sang his new song!

– Rorschach and his drivers licence shit

– Neon blue pig


Hollz and Rorschach: September 5th, 2015


– Holly and the wind storm of 2015

– Doc Wheatley sits in with us!!

– The Sheep with the insane wool

– The new love interest in Kermits life

– Doc Wheatley and Rorschach do another 2 hours talking about video games and insane music


Hollz And Rorschach: August 29th, 2015

– Gus Fring and Morgan Freeman were on kids shows

– I finally reveal why I fall all the time, I t does not have to do with vodka

– James From Long Island Calls In

– Lady Trucker Calls in

– Hurricane talk

– Shit Stories

– I call Holly and Cry

– The Linz Bella phone drama


Hollz and Roschach: August 22nd, 2015

– More Nashville talk and liver diseases

– Holly does not know who Brian Eno is

– Lady Trucker calls in!

– Danny Glover calls in!

– Disco Dog calls in!

– Holly explains paddle boarding and skimpy bikinis the women are wearing now-a-days

– Sexual deviancy and Ashley Madison dominated the news

– Lotsa weed talk


Hollz and Rorschach: August 15th, 2015

– Holly and I gush over the TV show Nashville.

– We had Michele McTierney on and she told us about her Kickstarter campaign and we played her great music

– Holly delves deeper into Rorschachs time off and we learn he talked to his cat and had children with her.

– Holly, Michele, and Rorschach talk to his robot with no success

– Rorschach tells all about the Mayor of Tallegdea getting beaten up with a baseball bat and the sex tape behind the beating