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Hippojuice: February 22nd, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/22/2017:

– We question if Joel is an original Hippojuice member or not

– Which mountain is harder to climb for a vegan – Mount Everest or K2?

– Don’t inject cement or fix-a-flat into your ass or watch the WMBA


Dutch and Royce: February 21st, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/21/2017:

– Sherri hates adulting and Royce and Marie like drinking at Theme Parks

– Why do we like shows about Alaska so much?

– Japan kills a lot of Snow Monkeys for having alien genes but mails pandas

– Is pizza as addictive as drugs? We all just ordered some.


Rorschach and Doc : February 18th, 2017

Rorschach and Doc 02/18/2017:

– Shit Stories and Dreams
– Flash Mobs and Causing a Scene
– Rorschach’s Incest Babies and Rewatching Modern Family
– Guppy’s Corner
– Doc’s Tale of the Heart
– Opie Diss Track


The Cousin Joe Show: February 16th, 2017

– With Royce Lopez
– Worst Porn Dialogue Ever
– Ricky Gervais-Johnny Depp Talk
– Guns For
– Guest Alex Jones Calls In
– Marie Lopez Joins Us
– Away With Muslims


HIppojuice: February 15th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/15/2017

– PewtiePie gets fired by Disney and a Hitler lookalike is arrested in Austria

– Uber is breaking up marriages in France

– American Girl makes the first boy doll Logan

– We walk down Buff Baby memory lane with Joe and Shaun second hour

– Kyle paints with AI –


Brainstu Wrestling: February 15th, 2017

– Jericho & Kevin Owens bromance is over
– Bayley wins Raw women’s championship
– Bray Wyatt defeats AJ Styles & John Cena in a good Triple Threat to retain WWE Championship
– What isn’t Smackdown doing right?
– Early Wrestlemania plans
– Randy Orton refuses to face Bray Wyatt
– Fastlane card so far


Dutch and Royce: February 14th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/14/2017

– Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us

– Mitch and Sherri had a sausage party, Royce is a sweet boy and John got crafty

– Indoor Skydiving dancing is a real sport and it’s lovely

– Did anyone see the Grammy’s?

– Everyone please stop punching each other


Rorschach and Doc: February 11th, 2017

Rorschach and Doc 02/11/2017:

– Technical Issues and Guppy Joins Us
– Alien Facefuckers and Poop Stories
– Bullshit Incest Stories and Guppy’s Corner
– Bad Fanfiction and Mr. TV Go Inside Man
– Doc Keeps Getting Texts
– Youtube Food Reviewers and PETA


Talk Radio Meltdown: February 10th, 2017

– PUPPY (and Kate.)
– Kate finally reviews Resident Evil 7, and the PS VR version is terrifying
– Tricks for getting around pronouncing difficult names
– Portlandia is coming to an end, for better or for worse
– Red is still upset about the AMC Theaters app not working
– The 2017 Grammy’s are upon us
– Some massive sporting event happened and everyone loves New England for some reason

– Marvel announces filming of Infinity War has commenced
– Songs to listen to when you hate everything
– “All Star” mashups are now officially the best things on the internet
– Donald Trump has the diet of a 4-year old
– Sean Spicer don’t talk so good
– SNL’s rating renaissance


Masters of None: February 12th, 2017


1 – Biggie vs Tupac
2 – Classic episode of Art vs Jay
3 – Art attempts to defend “Poetic Justice”


Hippojuice: February 8th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/8/2017:

– Kyle got let go from his job and he shares how it went down

– Royce gets a not boring Uber request today from a man who’s lying to himself

– Watching extreme high parkuor makes Dutch nauseous

– Tech Talk with Kyle shows us Portal demo in Augmented Reality and other neat stuff


Dutch and Royce February 7th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/7/2017:

– Super Bowl 51 Breakdown plus the really lame commercials

– Who’s bigger to the gays: Madonna or Lady Gaga

– Is the Fast and the Furious franchise just the new Sharknado franchise?

– How awful are the Oscars going to be this year because of politics

– Guy Fieri redoes Planet Holleywood


Talk Radio Meltdown: February 3rd, 2017

Talk Radio Meltdown 2/3/17 – Episode 340: meow-182

– Big radio news: Entercom purchases CBS Radio
– Following his lavish work-trip to California, Jack has an unhealthy obsession with In-n-Out Burger
– 2017 just started and we already lost some great celebrities
– Ben Affleck drops out of directing “The Batman,” amid other failures

– Big Red has a big birthday
– Red vs. AMC Theaters
– M. Night Shamalamadingdong made a movie that doesn’t suck
– Will Smith wants to disown his spawn, Jaden
– Gauging the new Nickelback song, on a scale from Bad to Nickelback
– Of course, someone made a Smash Mouth/Nickelback mashup
– Danny Tramp vs. Arnie Schwarzenheimer vs. Robert de Niro
– SNL’s Pete Davidson and 9/11 humors
– Real estate guy shits all over Patton Oswalt’s dead wife using his professional Twitter account, immediately loses job
– South Park plans to avoid Trump jokes for the next season
– Red is cheating on TRM by listening to a new podcast

– Tom DeLonge is making a movie about UFOs and skateboarders
– Jack and Mike sing meow-182’s greatest hits
– Mike distracts Red with cat videos, causing his ADD to spiral out of control
– Jack was introduced to a poutine place in Los Angeles that delivers until 4am


Hippojuice: February 1st, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/1/2017:

– Everyone’s really mad on social media right now

– Florida pastor caught in bed with parishioner’s wife and it’s not Pastor Royce but he has something to say about it

– Leah Remini has distracting nails but does a good documentary

– Joe Coletta has a mishap with a Tinder date

– Top stories in science with Tech Talk Kyle


Brainstu Wrestling: February 1st, 2017

– Seth Rollins is injured again, and he might miss another Wrestlemania
– Noelle Foley is so out of her (ex) boyfriend Frank The Clowns league, we truly are amazed how she dated a guy more hateable than Roman Reigns
– Early Elimination Chamber preview
– How can WWE build a Hall of Fame building and optimize 205 Live better?


Dutch and Royce: January 31st, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 1/31/2017:

– We didn’t do anything except yell at politics this weekend

– Royce talks about the #DeleteUber movement

– Neil Gorsuch is selected as the Supreme Court Justice

– The protesting is getting out of hand and the ACLU supports them blocking traffic


The Reel Thing: January 29, 2017

The Reel Thing for January 29, 2017

-After a long hiatus, we welcome (god damn it, WELCOME!) our listeners back with a discussion of the box office numbers over the last three weeks, including the current movie at the top, the M Night Shyamalan thriller Split. Chris and Mark go over the filmmaking career of Shyamalan and discuss his recent film (with NO spoilers FYI).

-The Oscar nominations have finally arrived, and The Reel Thing discusses the nominees at length from the major categories, including Best Picture/Actor/Actress, and talk about some of the nominees, including Moonlight, Jackie, Silence, 20th Century Women, and The Lobster. Find out if we think the Academy got their picks correct or way off base (No Deadpool but Suicide Squad got a nomination? Alrighty then).

-Last, #SIGNIFICANTDEATHS returns to discuss the recent passing of Miguel Ferrer and John Hurt.


Hippojuice: January 25th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlight 1/25/17:

– Ted Cruz owns Deadspin with a Grayson Allen Tweet

– Kellyanne Conway’s 90’s stand-up comedy routine has been unearthed

– Tall guys are not allowed to drive cars

– McDonalds is selling Mac Sauce now, and not all locations are selling the McRib

– Elon Musk is fucking crushing it


Dutch and Royce: January 24th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlight 1/24/17:

– The Women’s March just caused Madonna to get investigated

– Ashley Judd is a nasty woman

– Big Joe sums up “Women’s March” at L.A. March

– What are some of the executive orders President Trump has signed so far?


Hippojuice: January 18th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 1/18/17:

– Music the men on the show weren’t allowed to listen to as children because of religion

– The most annoying airplane passangers top 14 list

– We talk about the new Nintendo Switch & Zelda and how amazing it looks


Dutch and Royce: January 17th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 1/17/17:

– Dutch has been trying Blue Apron cooking

– Royce and Marie tell wonderful tales of Universal Studios, Florida

– Is Steven Spielberg good or was it just the 80s?

– We read off the 2017 Razzies Nominations


Rorschach and Doc: January 14th, 2017

Rorschach and Doc 01/14/2017:

– Pizza Hut Veteran Bullshit Story
– Rorschach’s Shit and Vomit Story
– Guppy’s Corner
– Jack in the Box Munchie Meals
– Petering Out


Talk Radio Meltdown: January 13th, 2017

Talk Radio Meltdown 1/13/17 – Episode 339: This Is (Not) Us

– Fro has a divorce update!
– Jack is wearing a shirt with Chris Pratt on it, and Red is oddly interested in it
– Boston Calling 2017 lineup is revealed, and it’s all forms of epic
– La-La-Land won all the Golden Globe awards
– Meryl Streep vs. Mel Gibson vs. Vince Vaughn vs. Trump supporters vs. Elvis
– America prepares for the inauguration of President Danny Tramp

– Since when did “All Star” become a meme?
– Nintendo announces the release date of the Switch and the new Legend of Zelda
– Daniel Tromp gets uppity with a CNN reporter at his first press conference as President-somehow-elect
– Jack tried to leave his dog home alone for 2 hours, with messy results
– Jack and Red try to convince Fro to watch This Is Us
– William Hung should front all of the bands – all of them.
– Dead woman just chilled out in the kitchen of a Brookline home for over a year

– Liam Gallagher vs. Noel Gallagher – the never-ending battle
– Lucasfilms confirms Carrie Fisher will not get the Peter Cushing digital treatment
– Famous movies that turned into television shows


Hippojuice: January 11th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 1/11/17:

– Piss Gate is really just 4Chan trolling the CIA

– Taco Bell can do no wrong releasing the Naked Chicken Chalupa while also being ranked the healthiest fast food chain

– The Sausage Castle burns down suspiciously

– We review the top 25 Florida Man stories from 2016


Dutch And Royce: January 10th, 2017

Dutch And Royce Highlights 1/10/17:

– Royce and Marie go to New York aka The Cork of the Country

– Fuck Spirit Airlines don’t ever use them seriously

– Russia has dirt on Trump, or do they?

– Mitch keeps asking Alexa to buy things


Elvis and Alfred: January 12th, 2017


-We are back for the new year

-Recorded live at the Half Penny Pub of Sayville

-New music in this episode


The Reel Thing: January 9, 2017

The Reel Thing for January 9, 2017

-Greetings from the other side of 2016 and Happy New Year! We welcome back all of our lovely followers by discussing the recent champ at the box office, Rogue One…..wait, Hidden Figures won last week???

-The Golden Globes occurred last night, and we discuss the winners and our takes on the movie awards season moving forward

-Chris and Mark both review the critically acclaimed La La Land, as well as the equally lauded Manchester By The Sea

-Furthermore, The Reel Thing hosts both give their respective Top Ten of 2016

-Finally, Mark and Chris give a quick preview of their most anticipated movies in 2017, as well as a side bet that definitely needs to be mentioned during the 2017 NFL playoffs, AND a reminder to be excellent to each other (shameless plug to Buttercup Sunset, RamCat Jackson and Cupcake Burlesque FTW)…PARTY ON, DUDES!!!!!!


Talk Radio Meltdown: January 6th, 2017

Talk Radio Meltdown 1/6/17 – Episode 338: TalkRadioMelt

– Our new fancy mixing console is put to the test
– Beginning the first show of the new year with a horrific joke by Red
– Join Red’s Clash Royale group, “TalkRadioMelt”
– Super Mario Run, or Nintendo’s attempt at entering the free-to-play games market
– Mariah Carey’s career, the final celebrity death of 2016
– Some doofus crashed his Lamborghini on I-93 in Quincy
– Video game rage: Kid gets flashbanged, flips his shit playing Call of Duty

– SPOILERS: The end of Star Wars: Rogue One is discussed
– Helen Mirren vs. Meryl Streep vs. Betty White
– Girl Meets World has been canceled

– Jimmy John’s has invaded Massachusetts
– Mike’s wife presents “Working with a One-Upper”
– Donald Trump vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Battle for the ratings!


Rorschach and Doc: January 7th, 2017

Rorschach and Doc 01/07/2017:

– New Years Eve Night LIVE Saturday Morning Special
– Special guest: Guppy
– Regional Food and Pissing the Bed
– Resolutions and Incest Porn
– Guppy’s Songs
– We go on a Musical Adventure


Brainstu Wrestling: January 4th, 2017


– Braun Stroman’s Tinder profile has been leaked, so we take a guess as to what wrestlers in character would put as their Tinder tag lines
– Raw & Smackdown recap: Smackdown is doing everything right while Raw is doing everything wrong
– TNA has a new majority owner
– Wrestle Kingdom 11 already being called the PPV of the year