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Hippojuice: July 26th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 7/26/17:

– Trump bans transgendered people from joining the US Military

– We talk about the top pizza chains and how the owner of Little Caesars is richer than Oprah

– NYC has subways over 50 years old and stuff doesn’t work anymore

– A guy gets a DUI for driving drunk in his own driveway but others get rich diving for gold balls


The Cousin Joe Show: July 27th, 2017

– With Dan
– Joe’s Bachelor Party Experience
– Machete Wielding 1 Armed Clown
– Guy Goes Bananas
– Topless Road Rage
– MAYBE Fake GMA Tinder Match Up
– The Unfortunate State of Humor In This Country


GoT Wieners and Such: July 27th, 2017

Game of Thrones – Wieners and Such S7E2 Stormborn Highlights 7/26/17:

– Daenerys is acting more queen like at Dragonstone and grills Varys

– Sam tries to cure Jorah Mormont’s grayscale by doing really gross surgery

– Cersei thinks she can defeat dragons with a big bow and arrow

– We don’t get to see Unsullied Penis but Arya gets t to see Nymeria

– Game of Thrones turns into Pirates of the Caribbean


Calf Crusher Radio: July 26th, 2017

– Battleground recap
– John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown next week?! For free?!
– Jim Cornette shits on Kenny Omega, and we ponder why
– Is kayfabe finally dead?
– CM Punk fans need to shut up about him returning to WWE. It’s not happening….. anytime soon
– Another Reby Hardy Twitter storm
– Summerslam main event announced, but how do we fantasy book
– AC/DC’s “Shoot To Thrill” goes with everything


Dutch and Royce: July 25th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 7/25/17:

– Royce had his 35th birthday party over the weekend

– Dutch talks about the old days where he was always worried about herpes

– Drunk and Puke Stories happen because we have them

– Joel was dismissed by Katy Perry at a Van Warped Tour interview


The Sully Show: July 25, 2017

The Sully Show Highlights for July 25, 2017

– JT is another year older… He shares a birthday with Royce
– Justin Beiber cancels his concert tour with 14 shows left and we couldn’t be more happier
– San Diego Comic Con Announcements
– New Bit created by SpiceyPepper from twitch called “Rednecks Reading Science”
– I can’t believe I read that: 5 news stories from the interwebs
– Jewel Thief Caught stealing again
– Dumb Ass of the Week: NH woman demands police to give back her drugs.


Revenge of the CIS: July 20th, 2017

Second preview episode of the upcoming Revenge of the CIS show.

This week we focus on Transracial identity and talk about Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, and Martina Big


GoT Wieners and Such: July 19th, 2017

Game of Thrones Wieners and Such Highlights S7E1 7/19/17:

– Arya is probably just going to keep killing people now

– Jon Snow and Sansa bicker about how to lead the North

– Who will last longer, Cersei or Jamie?

– How is Sam still fat after working so hard in the Library and picking up so much poop?

– Did the Ed Sheeran cameo bother you or not?


Hippojuice: July 19th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 7/19/17:

– 11 amazing annnouncements from The Walt Disney Company including a lot of Star Wars news

– What makes you a nerd, or just nerdy in general?

– R Kelly was apparently running a sex cult

– Pastor Royce pays a visit to talk about German abuse of the Catholic Regensburger Domspatzen choir for 70 years


Calf Crusher Radio: July 19th, 2017

Calf Crusher Radio uploading now

– Shane McMahon survives a helicopter crash, therefor he is officially un-killable
– What really happens to WWE if Shane/Vince were to pass away?
– What if Vince Russo booked professional sports and 2017
– Kurt Angle had a love child, and we all suffer watching it be revealed
– Is the WWE killing their tag team division…. again?
– The Mae Young Classic is upon us, and that roster is stacked
– Ronda Rousey WWE bound?
– Brock Lesnar going back to UFC?
– GLOW is not only the best Netflix show you’re not watching, but arguably one of the best shows of 2017
– John Morrison vs Vampiro beef gets nasty
– WWE Battleground preview & predictions


Dutch and Royce: July 18th, 2017

– Dutch and Royce is submitting the show to Siruis XM after an era of radio dies

– Game of Thrones comes back but we save most of it for Wednesday’s recap

– What is your top 3 TV Dramas?

– Dutch realizes he’s never really been alone


The Sully Show: July 18, 2017

The Sully Show Highlights for July 18, 2017

– Sully is so hyper that he didn’t do any show prep… Improv show it is then
– Sully’s lil jedi has to have surgery again and now she’s walking (where does the time go)
– Kid Songs that get stuck in the head of parents
– Greatest cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s and their intro songs
– 4 Chords to have a hit by Axis of Awesome
– Dumb Ass of the Week: Man hides his wife’s body in a freezer and collects her social security for eight years


Hippojuice: July 12th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 7/12/17:

– The social and political climate is so heated right now

– We listen to Stitches sing Bring in Yo Face and Molly Cyrus and then see his beef with The Game

– The DMV is even more terrible than before and we have the story to prove it

– 9 Things Allies should say


Dutch and Royce: July 11th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 7/11/17:

– David Avacado Wolfe doesn’t believe in science, gravity, or shoes.

– John got to announce an indie wrestling event

– Royce and Marie see Incubus in concert in Tampa

– Barry Ducrow is a Go Pro addict and needs to buy his accessories

– Shia LaBeouf has lost his mind and threatened a cop


Special Preview Revenge of the Cis July 6th 2017

First Show of an upcoming political talk show on

Host Mersh and Royce Lopez


Calf Crusher Radio: July 5th, 2017

Calf Crusher Radio – July 5th, 2017

– We will upload new content to YouTube 5 days a week
– New Japan gives us an incredible weekend of pro wrestling with the G1 tournament
– Who is the best wrestler in the world today: Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes or AJ Styles?
– Who were the best broadcast duo’s in wrestling history?
– Fantasy booking the Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar rivalry
– James Ellsworth is suspended, and Hammy celebrates Christmas in July
– The New Day and Usos deliver the most entertaining segment on Smackdown this year
– Cena vs Rusev, again. We are fearful for Rusev’s character, again
– Kevin Owens’s Blu Ray is sold out everywhere, and in 2017, this much hype for a Blu Ray release is huge
– Great Balls Of Fire final preview & predictions


Hippojuice: July 5th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 7/5/17:

– CNN now stands for Cyber-Bully News Network

– We tell Fourth of July Stories and how many times we’ve been banned on Facebook

– Florida woman gets struck by lightening and give birth to what we hope is either Thor or a mutant

– 18 Creepy dark web stories


The Reel Thing: June 29, 2017

The Reel Thing for June 29, 2017

-Salutations to all our listeners. Apologizing in advance for speeding through the numbers from last weekend (TL; DR Transformers was meh $ wise, Wonder Woman continues to bank) so that we can get to our review of the highly anticipated Edgar Wright movie, Baby Driver. Is it clutch on the track or does it stall out?

-We also talk with Chris (our resident Star Wars fan) about his opinion concerning the recent firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (friends of Hippojuice) from the Han Solo movie. THERE IS A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE, Y’ALL.

-Our hosts touch on some recent shows wrapping up their seasons as well as debuting to critical acclaim, including Veep, House Of Cards and the latest from Netflix, GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling).

-Finally, yes, #FINALLY Mark affirms Frank Butterman from Hot Fuzz and watches the Michael Bay comedy film, Bad Boys II (WATCHA GON DO WHEN DEY COME FOR YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU???).