Monthly Archives: February 2017


Rorschach and Doc: February 25th, 2017

Rorschach and Doc 02/25/2017:

– Doc’s Accidental Voicemail to Rorschach
– If We Had Superman’s Powers
– I Wanna Slap You on the Mouth
– Guppy’s Corner
– Pioneer Chicken
– Our Boy Milo


Hippojuice: February 22nd, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/22/2017:

– We question if Joel is an original Hippojuice member or not

– Which mountain is harder to climb for a vegan – Mount Everest or K2?

– Don’t inject cement or fix-a-flat into your ass or watch the WMBA


Dutch and Royce: February 21st, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/21/2017:

– Sherri hates adulting and Royce and Marie like drinking at Theme Parks

– Why do we like shows about Alaska so much?

– Japan kills a lot of Snow Monkeys for having alien genes but mails pandas

– Is pizza as addictive as drugs? We all just ordered some.


Rorschach and Doc : February 18th, 2017

Rorschach and Doc 02/18/2017:

– Shit Stories and Dreams
– Flash Mobs and Causing a Scene
– Rorschach’s Incest Babies and Rewatching Modern Family
– Guppy’s Corner
– Doc’s Tale of the Heart
– Opie Diss Track


The Cousin Joe Show: February 16th, 2017

– With Royce Lopez
– Worst Porn Dialogue Ever
– Ricky Gervais-Johnny Depp Talk
– Guns For
– Guest Alex Jones Calls In
– Marie Lopez Joins Us
– Away With Muslims


HIppojuice: February 15th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/15/2017

– PewtiePie gets fired by Disney and a Hitler lookalike is arrested in Austria

– Uber is breaking up marriages in France

– American Girl makes the first boy doll Logan

– We walk down Buff Baby memory lane with Joe and Shaun second hour

– Kyle paints with AI –


Brainstu Wrestling: February 15th, 2017

– Jericho & Kevin Owens bromance is over
– Bayley wins Raw women’s championship
– Bray Wyatt defeats AJ Styles & John Cena in a good Triple Threat to retain WWE Championship
– What isn’t Smackdown doing right?
– Early Wrestlemania plans
– Randy Orton refuses to face Bray Wyatt
– Fastlane card so far


Dutch and Royce: February 14th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/14/2017

– Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us

– Mitch and Sherri had a sausage party, Royce is a sweet boy and John got crafty

– Indoor Skydiving dancing is a real sport and it’s lovely

– Did anyone see the Grammy’s?

– Everyone please stop punching each other


Rorschach and Doc: February 11th, 2017

Rorschach and Doc 02/11/2017:

– Technical Issues and Guppy Joins Us
– Alien Facefuckers and Poop Stories
– Bullshit Incest Stories and Guppy’s Corner
– Bad Fanfiction and Mr. TV Go Inside Man
– Doc Keeps Getting Texts
– Youtube Food Reviewers and PETA


Talk Radio Meltdown: February 10th, 2017

– PUPPY (and Kate.)
– Kate finally reviews Resident Evil 7, and the PS VR version is terrifying
– Tricks for getting around pronouncing difficult names
– Portlandia is coming to an end, for better or for worse
– Red is still upset about the AMC Theaters app not working
– The 2017 Grammy’s are upon us
– Some massive sporting event happened and everyone loves New England for some reason

– Marvel announces filming of Infinity War has commenced
– Songs to listen to when you hate everything
– “All Star” mashups are now officially the best things on the internet
– Donald Trump has the diet of a 4-year old
– Sean Spicer don’t talk so good
– SNL’s rating renaissance


Masters of None: February 12th, 2017


1 – Biggie vs Tupac
2 – Classic episode of Art vs Jay
3 – Art attempts to defend “Poetic Justice”


Hippojuice: February 8th, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/8/2017:

– Kyle got let go from his job and he shares how it went down

– Royce gets a not boring Uber request today from a man who’s lying to himself

– Watching extreme high parkuor makes Dutch nauseous

– Tech Talk with Kyle shows us Portal demo in Augmented Reality and other neat stuff


Dutch and Royce February 7th, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/7/2017:

– Super Bowl 51 Breakdown plus the really lame commercials

– Who’s bigger to the gays: Madonna or Lady Gaga

– Is the Fast and the Furious franchise just the new Sharknado franchise?

– How awful are the Oscars going to be this year because of politics

– Guy Fieri redoes Planet Holleywood


Talk Radio Meltdown: February 3rd, 2017

Talk Radio Meltdown 2/3/17 – Episode 340: meow-182

– Big radio news: Entercom purchases CBS Radio
– Following his lavish work-trip to California, Jack has an unhealthy obsession with In-n-Out Burger
– 2017 just started and we already lost some great celebrities
– Ben Affleck drops out of directing “The Batman,” amid other failures

– Big Red has a big birthday
– Red vs. AMC Theaters
– M. Night Shamalamadingdong made a movie that doesn’t suck
– Will Smith wants to disown his spawn, Jaden
– Gauging the new Nickelback song, on a scale from Bad to Nickelback
– Of course, someone made a Smash Mouth/Nickelback mashup
– Danny Tramp vs. Arnie Schwarzenheimer vs. Robert de Niro
– SNL’s Pete Davidson and 9/11 humors
– Real estate guy shits all over Patton Oswalt’s dead wife using his professional Twitter account, immediately loses job
– South Park plans to avoid Trump jokes for the next season
– Red is cheating on TRM by listening to a new podcast

– Tom DeLonge is making a movie about UFOs and skateboarders
– Jack and Mike sing meow-182’s greatest hits
– Mike distracts Red with cat videos, causing his ADD to spiral out of control
– Jack was introduced to a poutine place in Los Angeles that delivers until 4am


Hippojuice: February 1st, 2017

Hippojuice Highlights 2/1/2017:

– Everyone’s really mad on social media right now

– Florida pastor caught in bed with parishioner’s wife and it’s not Pastor Royce but he has something to say about it

– Leah Remini has distracting nails but does a good documentary

– Joe Coletta has a mishap with a Tinder date

– Top stories in science with Tech Talk Kyle


Brainstu Wrestling: February 1st, 2017

– Seth Rollins is injured again, and he might miss another Wrestlemania
– Noelle Foley is so out of her (ex) boyfriend Frank The Clowns league, we truly are amazed how she dated a guy more hateable than Roman Reigns
– Early Elimination Chamber preview
– How can WWE build a Hall of Fame building and optimize 205 Live better?


Dutch and Royce: January 31st, 2017

Dutch and Royce Highlights 1/31/2017:

– We didn’t do anything except yell at politics this weekend

– Royce talks about the #DeleteUber movement

– Neil Gorsuch is selected as the Supreme Court Justice

– The protesting is getting out of hand and the ACLU supports them blocking traffic