Monthly Archives: February 2016


Papas Basement: February 29th, 2016


-Why Deadpool’s success is a bad, bad thing for movies

-Are nerds still nerds when nerd media is in the mass culture?

-Our childhood videogame experiences


Loose Noose: February 29th, 2016

Loose Noose Podcast for February 29

Cousin Joe Show crossover.

Guests Joe Coletta, Dan DiMarino and Dave Saitzyk.

Hillarity ensues.


The Sully Show: February 28th, 2016

The Sully Show – Highlights for Feb 28, 2016

– Sully is testing mimoLive for his video broadcast

– Fuller House and old shows being rebooted.

– Rorschach calls in and cries. Our show sucks so bad we now have a crier.

Doc Wheatley calls in because Rorschach tried to take over the show but failed miserably.

– Dumb Ass of the Week: Ontario man is arrested for smuggling turtles into Canada.

– Students spike a teachers soda with pepper flakes and are arrested


Rorschach and Doc: February 27th, 2016

Rorschach and Doc 2-27-16
– The shit we did was good .. Dutch didn’t like it
– Sully called in
– Doc reviewed a sandwich
– The Witch..
– Rornack The Magnificent makes an appearance
– Rorschach does a political rant


High Society Radio: February 26th, 2016

-We expose the guys behind DAMN Daniel as racist pieces of shit
-Chris Stanley runs for podcast president
-Is getting thrown out of a bar essentially being cut off?


Elvis and Alfred: February 25th, 2016

Show Highlights-

-Elvis and Alfred talk about Deadpool

-Puddle of Mudd is still a band and how the Lead singer keeps loosing his shit

-Music in this episode, Examine, Deadboys, Blood and Whiskey, Naked Raygun, American Football, Mahones


Hippojuice: February 24th, 20016

Hippojuice Highlights 2/24/16:

– Favorite cereals are listed because apparently millennials don’t eat them

– John has to apologize for us missing a Mike Van-Lesbian joke

– Our new friend Devin calls in to make fun of Joel for liking the Eagles


OSW Review: February 23rd, 2016

– Cult Classic The Room starring Tommy Wiseau
– Tons of background scandal on how this disaster was filmed
– The RULES of fruit in a bowl vs biscuits on a plate


Dutch and Royce: February 23rd, 2016

– Dutch goes to his brother’s party in the suburbs and some James Brown stuff happens

– Lobsters are stabbing each other and Pandas will fuck you up

– Our new friend Devin calls in, and we play Doc and Rorschach’s commercials for all MLR shows


Loose Noose: February 22nd, 2016

Episode Title: Cupcake-Tits & Man-Ass

– with guest Adam Izzo
– Laz’s dark impulses
– Laz went to an orgy (and ate orgy food)
– Shannon’s pubescent, overnight breast explosion
– Shannon’s carrot and potato peeler in the ass stories


The Conte and Kenny Show: February 22nd, 2016

“Kennys Church of Banging”

– Lack of Identity epidemic

– Semen shooting

– Shovel Nazis

– The News with Doug Nelson

– Joe Coletta in studio


The Sully Show : February 21st, 2016

The Sully Show Highlights for Feb 21, 2016

– Pops, Clicks and Tech difficulties galore

– Sully flips out over Kenye West and the stupid morons that are trying to raised 53 million dollars for him.

– JT agrees that people’s priorities are out of order Especially when it comes to raising money for a vet instead of Kenye

– Rorschach calls in to bring us up to speed about the new promos he worked on with Doc Wheatley.

– Dumb Ass of the Week: Woman committed fraud by raising customers tips on credit cards.


Masters of None: February 21st, 2016

– Top 8.5 Burger Chains of All Time
– We put our Cholesterol Medication to the test.
– Which chains give a big middle finger to the idea of “Healthy”


360 on 420: February 20th, 2016


-Prolapsed asshole video
-Cautionary tale of a giraffe and a mega cunt
-Next week Nod Send off to Cali show


Rorschach And Doc: February 20th, 2016

Rorschach And Doc 2-20-16

– Oingo Boingo Day

– Doc and I re do and replace every single More Like Radio Ad and promo.. intro and outdo.. We will change MLR radio forever..

– JT Hollis from Sully Show calls in


The Cousin Joe Show: February 18th, 2016

– With Guest Kenny Michaels
– Our Departure From Our Affiliate Network
– Music Talk
– Old Sex Stories and Other Odd Stories
– Ferris Wheel Fucking Update
– Awful Valentines Day Shit


Hippojuice: February 17, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 2/17/16:

– Joel contemplates bricking his iPhone because of the 1970 glitch

– John tells a a really good short story and then apologizes for it

– We discuss how we say private parts and it leads to Philly Cheese steak Sandwiches at Pats and Primanti Bros


Dutch and Royce: February 16th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/16/16:

– Parents were caught leaving Deadpool with their kids because they didn’t realize what an R Rated movie is

– Let Hillary Clinton clear her throat

– Sherri brings her friend Amanda who sells dildos professionally in women’s homes


The Loose Noose Podcast: February 15th,2016

Show Title: 50 First Rapes
Guests: Stav Djibas and Dave Namery (featuring Tommy Carolan and Ryan DeNisco)

_ Fear of death and/or of gravity failing/science
_ Speed raping (Laz wants to attempt to set the world record for rapes committed in one day)
_ Jail story
_ Shit stories/what would happen if you shit while being hung upside down?
_ All the other usual, annoying trappings of a Loose Noose episode


The Sully Show: February 14th, 2016

The Sully Show Highlights for Feb 14th, 2016

‪#‎ValentinesDay‬ – a day where we celebrate a massacre

‪#‎Deadpool‬ opens at $139 million for the weekend

– Superbowl 50 was lacking in game and commercials

– Bill Murray throws fans phones off a roof for taking his picture

– Dumb Ass of the Week: Man and woman arrested for being intoxicated and their 9 year old was driving with their 11th month old in a car seat.


Masters Of None: February 14th, 2016

– It’s NBA All Star Weekend
– We give you the NBA All-Ugly Team
– Manut Bol Swimming Underwater will Give you Nightmares


Rorschach And Doc: February 13th, 2016

Rorschach And Doc Feb. 13 , 2016

– Deadpool rules

– Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Rules

– Twitter weirdest with Doc and Rorschach

– Kevin Smiths Stupid Face

– Rorschach has a breakdown over Doc Wheatley and Royce Lopezgetting along

– Rorschach new Country music song..


High Society Radio: February 12th, 2016

-Chris is back from Asia just in time for Johnny to go to Chicago
-Pepper has started his detox
-The guys are gonna learn to 3-d print organs


The Cousin Joe Show: February 11th, 2016

– With Guest Ian Lazarus
– Joe Has A Dilemma With A Hooters Waitress
– Couple Arrested For Fucking On Ferris Wheel, Our Outdoor/Weird Fucking Stories, Shannon Calls In
– Royce Skypes In, Women And Their Ass Tattoos
– Cuddle Parties


Hippojuice: February 10th, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 2/10/16:

– Triumph the Dog learns about new college terms from students

– Tumblr finds all the gender identification terms posted

– What’s the weirdest thing you’ve masturbated to? It’s probably not an alligator inside a Wendy’s


Dutch and Royce: February 9th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 2/9/2016:

– Mitch and Sherri ask Royce and Marie to be in the bridal party

– Joel is missing and calls in from Denver’s celebration to yell it’s our fault but makes it in the end

– Doc calls in to fill in for Joel and it becomes the Doc and Royce Show


The Conte and Kenny Show: February 8th, 2016

“It’s a Convoy”

-Super Bowl

– Peyton Manning the Pitchman

– Financial Advisers

– The News with Doug Nelson

– Kenny the Minister.


Loose Noose Podcast: February 8th, 2016

Show title: The Free-Bleeding Pussy Mashers

– With guest Ryan DeNisco
– NYC subway slashings
– All the dudes who are on Shannon’s jock
– Shannon fucked a dude in the ass with a strap on dildo
– Funny phone calls
– Sex with mascots


The Sully Show: February 7th, 2016

The Sully Show – Highlights for Feb. 7th, 2016

– Superbowl Sunday… what are our picks?

– Bad Lip Reading returns with 2 new NFL Lip Reads

– 7 x 13 = 28?

– Politically Challenged at Texas Tech (these are the people voting this year)

– Dumb Ass of the Week: CT man tries tell sell marijuana on Craig’s List

– 2016 Celebrity Deaths seem to be taking over for 2009.


Rorschach And Doc February 6th, 2016

Rorschach And Doc 2-6-16

– Are you ready for some football? no…

– Docs pics for the next Doctor

– Kevin Smiths and Jim Breuers declines

– Star Wars spoilers.. Mad Max and Hells Kitchen talk

– The great and magnificent Rornack makes an appearance

– Ariel Winter and Giada De Laurentis talk

– Celebrating Bob Marley