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Hollz and Rorschach: October 31, 2015

– its our Halloween show..

– Put on your masks.. I have a song to play you little shits

– Holly delt with an asshole co worker

– My mom and dad traumatized me when I was little at Cry Baby Holler

– No ONE loves my William S Burroughs impersonation..

– Doc Wheatley calls in and rules with his impressions.

– I cry when I play ghost songs.. I have a total breakdown on air.

– Happy Halloween you fucking assholes


Two Fat Daleks: Episode 16

On this week’s Two Fat Daleks, Doc is back and he and Rorschach take a look at the next two episodes of Doctor Who, series 9, The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived, guest starring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones.


High Society Radio: October 30th, 2015

-We hit Pizza part patreon territory!

-Chris is back from atlanta

-yik yak is awful

-we still like drill rap


The Cousin Joe Show: October 29th, 2015

– With Guest Ian Lazarus
– Dan & Joe’s Friday Night, Cop Stories, Royce Weighs In
– Jared Fogle New Creepy Audio
– E-Cig Mod Blows Up In Guys Face
– Crazy German Guy and His Weapons Returns


Elvis and Alfred: October 29th, 2015

-Recorded live at Puntorberfest at the Great South Bay Brewery.

-Interviews with Flak Jacket, Samurai Pizza Cats, Tallest Trees in the Universe

– Music in this episode, Descendents, Broncho, Fugazi, Fear, Naked Raygun, Samurai Pizza Cats, Bouncing Souls, Tallest Trees in the Universe

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episode 3

Fargo S2E3 The Myth of Sisyphus Highlights 10/28/15:

– The Gerhardts have a meeting about if they go to war or not, and the kids look like they’re going to fuck over the situation

– Solverson starts asking squirrley guy the right questions, as well as the Gerhardts and Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers

– UFO sightings conversations strike twice, just as Solverson has guns pointed at him twice in one day but it’s ok because he has cake at the end of the day


Hippojuice: October 28th, 2015

– What is the going rate for Dutch’s Awesome Bucks and where’s the best place to get blammer jammers?

– Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex? The most popular is a boat dock apparently.

– You cannot eat cured meats like bacon and sausage, but you can use them to masturbate in a Walmart.


Dutch and Royce: October 27th, 2015

Dutch and Royce Highlights 10/27/15:

– Royce needs to get his pants altered and Sherri doesn’t have to get her boobs altered

– Marie invents the Poop Shoot – the patent pending butthole selfie stick we’ve all been needing so terribly

– We try to pick the song that the most sex was had to across all time


My Time Is Now: October 27th, 2015


‪#‎MyTimeTuesday‬ 4
– Gotham and Arrow killing it
– WWE on Fire
– WWE hates CM Punk
– Do What Makes You Happy
– Max Star gets Stone Cold on the Mic


Papa’s Basement: October 26th, 2015


-What to do when you realize your male co-host is a neat-freak who would make someone an excellent wife

-My female roommate flirts with a lot of guys online, and a large percentage of them ask her for d picks that the other guys send her for THEIR own viewing pleasure. Is this normal?

-A friend reveals the he starred in a no-budget horror film that we tear apart on-air. Listen for the film name so you can watch at home and mock along.


Hollz And Rorschach: October 24TH, 2015

– Holly and I talk about 1980’s movies.. and John Huges stuff… Pretty in Pink.. Sixteen Candles.. Jake Ryan was a beautiful asshole

– Rorschachs dad was Liberace

Doc Wheatley calls in and we have a Daddy off .. McDonalds is dying .. Pizza online ordering is not that bad!!

– Lady Trucker educates us on balls

– Dominoes Pizza car.. and dead hookers

– Doc, Holly and Rorschach all decide to retire the Arctic Monkeys video and Grant Van Grudant videos. What? You will never hear them again. Listen now.


The Cousin Joe Show: October 22ND, 2015

– With Royce Lopez & Kenny Michaels
– Concert Talk
– Guy Dances On Roof He Burnt
– Playboy Going Non-Nude
– Girl Arrested For Rough Sex Murder
– Asshole Neighbour Stories

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episode 2

– Floyd Gerhardt is a badass and is totally going to led the family instead of Dodd

– Lou Solverson’s wife is a great detective and his father in law Hank Larsson is intense

– Peggy Blomquist is terrible at covering up her story and leaves all the work to her husband Ed


Hippojuice: October 21st, 2015

Hippojuice BTTF Highlights 10/21/15:

– Back To The Future Day is here and everyone is frickin excited‪#‎BackToTheFuture‬

– If you had a time machine would you go back in time or to the future, and what 3 things would you bring

– Just make sure you always have extra pants, whether you’re going to school or Busch Gardens


Dutch and Royce: October 20, 2015

– Royce and Marie go to The Shallow Grave haunted house

– John talks about his food challenges as Royce comes up with Planet Hollywood food names

– We try to pick out good Halloween costumes and Presidential candidates


Papa’s Basement: October 19th, 2015


-Continuing a month of bad horror movie reviews, we celebrate all that is lackluster in Curse of Chucky

-If Lamar Odom dies, this is why it might be the least-dignified celebrity death in years

-It isn’t all downside if you have to take a loved one in for a colonoscopy…here’s why


The Conte And Kenny Show: October 19th, 2015

The Cops vs Conte
– Conte almost gets in trouble…sort of

– Amy Schumer vs Patrice O’Neil

– The News with Doug Nelson

– MLB Playoffs


The Sully Show: October 18th, 2015

– Sully is back from Comic Con, eating PEZ and making JT Jealous

– Comic Con 2015

– JT’s New Song

– Future day is October 21, 2015

– Some dude on Facebook thinks drill bits are bullets and he has the research to prove it.

– Dumb Ass of the Week: Woman destroys a Subway store in Alaska naked


Hollz And Rorschach: October 17th, 2015

– Doc Wheatley is traveling across the country

– Lady Trucker calls in and sings Happy Birthday to me.. FINALLY!!! HORNS BLASTS

– Rorschach birthday was a fucking disaster

– Doc Wheatley calls in to keep awake.. @DockyWheats was sleep deprived// @Rorschach7 was drunk & @HollzinSeattle was drugged

– The end of the show was a weird chaotic ,,,, the other end was a clusterfuck

– Boys of Summer.. What the fuck does it mean?


High Society Radio: October 16th 2015

-Johnny’s addiction
-Hicks’ locks of the week
-Chris is back from comic con


The Cousin Joe Show: October 15th, 2015

– With Kenny Michaels, Joel Dutch & Royce Lopez
– Comic Con Recap
– Chris Cornell Concert Talk
– Periscope DWI
– Relationship & Sex Talk
– Classic Kenny Stories

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More Like TV- Fargo: Season 2 Episode 1

More Like TV – Fargo “Waiting for Dutch” S2E1 Highlights 10/14/15:

– Peggy Blomquist (Kirsten Dumps) may be a sociopath and her husband Ed Blomquist (Fat Damon) is probably the protagonist

– The Gerhardt family are a bunch of mobster goons, and they’re probably going to get revenge for the son’s death

– The show is filmed just like a Coen Brothers movie down to the aspect ratios, film coloring, the scene setups, and movie references


Hippojuice: October 14th, 2015

– Are 2015 babies better at using iPhones to buy Miley Cyrus concert tickets?

– Cousin Joe goes to New York Comic Con 2015 and lives to tell the tale

– Alligators are very wily and not easily killed

– Don’t drink and drive and also video and livestream it


Dutch and Royce: October 13th, 2015

Dutch and Royce Highlights 10/13/15:

– Mitch is doing an outlandish nudist gay wedding and he has to be nude too

– Esquire Magazine names Emilia Clarke hottest woman sexiest woman of 2015 and Playboy stopped publishing nudes

– We go through the most re-watchable movies and other magazine articles


Two Fat Daleks Episode 15

– Under the Lake & Before the Flood

– Rorschach flies solo this week.. but Doc chimes in at the very end.



Hollz and Rorschach: October 10, 2015

Hollz and Rorschach 10-10-15

– We discuss the relaxing benefits of coloring books for adults

– Andy Spain calls in and tells about his gig and we play his new song

– Update on Hollz friend in the mental institution

– Rorschachs experience at the Walker County Courthouse

– Rorschach and his new best friend Mark Harris

– We all rediscover The Fixx and Pat Benetar

– Hollz and Rorschach are both attacked by spiders

– Lizard Brains


The Cousin Joe Show: October 8th, 2015

– With Guest Shannon Cooke
– Latest Brainstu, Punchy’s A Pussy & Comic Con Talk
– Royce Skypes In
– New Fuck Toy And Dating Stories
– Early Masturbation Talk


Hippojuice: October 7th, 2015

– Getting hypnotized is not dangerous for your kids but watching PG movies is

– Remembering what the boys masturbated to as kids is fun

– A very slow story is told by an ignorant woman who doesn’t want a chapter on Islam in her kid’s history books