It’s All About Me: September 27th, 2014

– Malcolm Young of AC/DC is put in nursing home for dementia
– Rorschach got his quote on Harmontown movie advertisement
– Waze traffic app goes against all rules about texting & driving – however, you could get a blowjob in traffic
– @BunnyKickButt calls in to talk about her new bunnies
– @LadyTrucker calls in & we discuss the 37,000 lbs of rotting chicken left at a truck stop in Montana
-Calf born outside Pittsburgh with a #7 on his head named Ben after Ben Roethlisberger.
– Japanese hikers caught volcano erupting on video – Worst video ever


Papa’s Basement: September 25th, 2014

– Another football edition of Papas Basement brings you the highlights of the third week of this young NFL season including Kirck Cousins and his performance in Philadelphia
– Is Roger Goodell going to get fired for his handling of the abuse cases of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson
-What games are poised to be the best bang for your viewing buck in week 4


Talk Radio Meltdown: September 24th, 2014

- KTVA anchor says “fuck it, I quit” on live TV
– TRM Fantasy Football update
– Jack finally did a good impression
– The leaves are changing and Jack is mad

- Kate’s dad is the epitome of first-world problems
– iPhone 6 Plus is bending in peoples pockets
– Jasmine Tridevil and her three boobs

- Man orgasms 100 times per day
– What happened to the berries and cream guy?
– First person in Australia to buy an iPhone 6 drops it


Trust Us We’re Hot: September 21st, 2014

- Listener’s makeup question: Do any of you get bothered by men’s interpretations of makeup?
– Listener’s hair question: African American male’s question about hair styles.  
– Listener’s health question: Girlfriend may be pregnant, are we over thinking this?
– Interview with reality show Jason from Married at First Sight.
– Screw Taboo: Why do guys throw away something so good?