Hollz and Rorschach: October 10, 2015

Hollz and Rorschach 10-10-15

– We discuss the relaxing benefits of coloring books for adults

– Andy Spain calls in and tells about his gig and we play his new song

– Update on Hollz friend in the mental institution

– Rorschachs experience at the Walker County Courthouse

– Rorschach and his new best friend Mark Harris

– We all rediscover The Fixx and Pat Benetar

– Hollz and Rorschach are both attacked by spiders

– Lizard Brains


The Cousin Joe Show: October 8th, 2015

- With Guest Shannon Cooke
– Latest Brainstu, Punchy’s A Pussy & Comic Con Talk
– Royce Skypes In
– New Fuck Toy And Dating Stories
– Early Masturbation Talk


Hippojuice: October 7th, 2015

- Getting hypnotized is not dangerous for your kids but watching PG movies is

– Remembering what the boys masturbated to as kids is fun

– A very slow story is told by an ignorant woman who doesn’t want a chapter on Islam in her kid’s history books


My Time Is Now: October 6, 2015

Show Higlights

Surface Book is made an Impact
Kid Cudi says “Don’t buy my music”
Lil Bibby and the Police


Dutch and Royce: October 6th, 2015

- Royce and Marie go to a wedding in Georgia, Dutch watches Kickball, and Sherri gets sick from medicinal wine

– We play a Kanye West-Weezer mashup and learn what One Direction fans are called

– We are still super excited for Branson and Yakov Smirnoff


Brainstu Radio: October 6th, 2015


– The incredibly frustrating process in music licensing
– Gun control and whether it works or not
– Joe prank calls a gun shop in Texas
– “Peeple” app only allows positive ratings for people
– Hammy doesn’t keep his stupid mouth shut and accidentally reveals a secret about Punchy, bringing a shit storm of awkwardness with it.


The Conte and Kenny Show: October 5th, 2015

“Thinner Thinner Chicken Dinner” 10-5-15

– Conte has lost almost 30lbs

– Kenny will be a Jedi at his sisters wedding

– Gun issues not able to be solved realistically

– Japanese Baby Metal


360 On 420: October 3rd, 2015


-BrainstuBowl Punishment is set
-JJ Paints his ass and balls
‪#‎Pernection‬ (Must Listen Radio)
-Gun Control and Mass shootings


High Society Radio: October 2nd, 2015


– Old man Stanley
– Bronx Johnny reveals even more things that make you gay
– tyler oakley documentary
– robots


The Cousin Joe Show: October 1st, 2015


– Hurricane Central News Update
– Dumb Crimes Marathon
– Comic Con Talk
– Tit Talk
– Odd Fuck Toys


Dutch and Royce: September 29th, 2015

Dutch and Royce Highlights 9/29/15:

– Dutch was T-Boned and broke his collarbone but he’s OK folks

– Royce gets traumatized going to the doctor’s office for a physical

– Sherri shot a buck within 30 minutes with a perfect shot to the lungs

– Branson or Bust: The Dutch and Royce crew plan a New Years Eve trip


Brainstu Radio: September 29th, 2015


– Punchy makes the studio awkward after being accused of creeping on one of Katies friends
– Hammy saw The Green Inferno, and nearly made him walk out of the theater
– NASA announces water on Mars
– The Popes visit to the US and his impact on the government
– Donald Trumps tax plan
– Rage Against The Machine apologizes for inspiring Limp Bizkit
– KKK member loves the BBC, and we’re not talking about the TV network
– 5 year anniversary of Greg Giraldos death


My Time is Now: September 29th, 2015

Show Higlights

‪#‎MyTimeTuesday‬ 3
– MLR revamped like a BOSS!
– Gotham Season 2
– LGBT the new KKK?


Papas Basement: September 28th, 2015


-Does the Pope make older women spiritually wet?

-An explanation of PigGate and a spirited debate regarding which animals are most bangable

-Creepy messages we’ve received on OkCupid. Not mildly creepy. Really, really creepy


The Conte and Kenny Show: September 28th, 2015


“Conte is sickly funny” 9-28-15

-Conte feels shitty

-Kenny meets Johnny Damon and Ace Frehley

-lying about your sexual identity can be rape?

-Jesus is a friend of 16 yr old idiot girls


The Sully Show: September 27th, 2015

- Punchy got intoxicated at a wedding but still helped a friend who was worse

– The Sully Show video feed is going to be switching to Twitch.tv from now on and Sully is going to be doing a 24 hour gaming marathon in November to raise money for kids with cancer.

– Metallica Concerts and it has been 29 years since Cliff Burton’s Death

– Australia has denied Chris Brown a visa because of his character

– Dumb Ass of the Week: 22yr old returns to a burglary scene for his lost keys and cell phone.

– NFL Score Update and the NFL should not expand anymore.


Hollz and Rorschach September 26, 2015

- Rorschach solo show and I discuss what happened to Holly Shaneyfelt

– Doc Wheatley Calls in and so does James from Long Island

– Doc and Rorschach do impression workshops. Denzel Washington is elusive.. and our Holly impression is all off.

– Rorschach discusses the Pope.. the end of the world.. Life on Mars.. and his drivers license

– Doc introduces us to a drug fueled Lord Of The Rings prequel video

– Doc and Rorschach do bonus time show and go over the Arctic Monkeys video again… and Impressions workshop part 2.

– Ariel Winter breasts


High Society Radio: September 25th, 2015

New hsr in dropbox
-Bronx Johnny doesn’t love the show anymore
-Lots of VR apps
-Chris has been eating shrooms everyday for 2 weeks


The Cousin Joe Show: September 24th, 2015

- With Guest Jody Lee
– 90’s Fashion
– Comic Con Talk
– Foot Sniffer Caught
– Teacher Resigns After Porn Career
– Cock Costumes
– Jody Makes Joe Pretty


Hippojuice: September 23rd, 2015

Hippojuice Highlights 9/23/15:

– Joel got into a car accident and he’s alive but we immediately replace him with Hammy

– Dr. Steve calls in to explain obesity and what fat shaming really is, and talks about anxiety and depression

– Monkeys can apparently have copyrights on their own selfies but we cannot reform religion


Dutch and Royce: September 22nd, 2015

Dutch and Royce Highlights 9/22/15:

– Mitch and Sherri do more outdoorsy things in Minnesota like fish and hunt bear and drink wine IVs

– Have you ever tried dog treats? What about a high school senior prank?

– Everyone needs more of Zach Anner in their lives, and much less of of the Daraprim asshole


My Time Is Now: September 22, 2015

Show Higlights:
– Terrible white rappers
– Johnny Buzzed Freestyle
– The Taken King


Brainstu Radio: September 22, 2015


‪#‎BlowhardHammy‬ doll is coming to your stores this holiday season
– Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People” video causes a divide in the show
– Punchy hates his customers while Hammy hates receptionists at his school
– Zach Anners “Workout Wednesday” videos are hilarious, yet inspiring
– South Park takes on social justice warriors
– The View hates nurses


Hollz and Rorschach: September 19th, 2015

Hollz and Rorschach 9-19-15

– Sixteen Candles

– Hollz finds her theme song

– Doc Wheatly Calls in

– Fuck you all


The Cousin Joe Show: September 18th, 2015

- With Kenny Michaels
– No Station Required Update
– Couple Fucks In Parking Lot
– Woman Catfishes Friend With Strap-On
– Our Early Porn Memories


Hippojuice: September 16th, 2015

Hippojuice Highlights 9/16/15:

– Facebook is giving us a disklike button and we are totally not going to troll our friends with it

– Uber is anti-gay and Sarah Silverman says comedians should be more PC

– Smart people can’t be cops because they stand with Ahmed and the FIU Foot Sniffer