Brainstu Wrestling: July 21st, 2016


– WWE Draft recap and analysis
– Brock Lesnar tests positive by USADA
– Is the WWE Wellness policy serious?
– Battleground predictions


Elvis and Alfred: July 21st, 2016


-Elvis and Alfred talk about Pokemon Go craze

-Ghostbusters Review

Music in the episode,the interupters
No Small Children


Hippojuice: July 20th, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 7/20/16:

– Third Eye Blind Trolls the GOP at Republican National Convention, but everyone is just looking for gay sex

– It’s the anniversary of our Lester’s Fixins challenge

– Alex Jones calls in about Karl Rove calling the police on him at the airport, so we talk some conspiracy theory talk

– We pay tribute to MJ Mandalay


Dutch and Royce: July 19th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 7/19/16:

– Kelsey throws Joel an adult birthday party and gets cancer cut off her face

– We talk about gun control issues because of Katie Couric’s documentary Under The Gun getting edited

– Leslie Jones has a Twitter melt down because of some internet Trolls being mean to her about Ghostbusters


Loose Noose: July 18th, 2016

Loose Noose Podcast for Monday, July 18
Show Title: Big & Squishy Like Our Mommy
With Guests: Laz’s kids
– What is home-life like?
– Mom and dad affection
– Grade school crushes, heartbreak and exploration
– Shannon’s fear of clowns (and her mother’s cruel joke)


The Untitled Movie Podcast: July 17th, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for 7/17/2016

-It’s the return of the G, Chris Whetton, who gives his take on The Secret Life of Pets and how Zootopia sets a new standard for witty animated movies
-We review the box office numbers for the past two weeks (ALL HAIL ALBERT BROOKS, KING OF THE SUMMER 2016), and our collective review for the movie Ghostbusters (SPOILERS, DAMN IT!).
-Lazy movie sequels for the summer of 2016, your numbers are up (or, rather, down).
-“Here’s a quarter. Go downtown and have a rat gnaw the tv show Uncle Buck off your face, ABC”.
-The Alien franchise is going down not one, but TWO, directions moving forward. Whaaaaaaaaaa????
-Did you know that July 14th was Con Air Day? SHAME ON YOU.
-Mark reviews Everybody Wants Some!!….let the good times roll, y’all.


Brainstu Wrestling: July 13th, 2016



– Brock Lesnar carried the UFC out of mediocrity for UFC 200
– Raw Recap: Owens doesn’t want Zayn on commentary, Rollins & Ambrose look to be the next big rivalry in WWE, Vince decides who runs Raw & Smackdown and Stephanie gives one of the best heel lines ever
– Rumor Mill: Vince McMahon is tired of Roman Reigns and looks to make Rollins and AJ Styles the faces of WWE
– WWE ripped off TNA’s Final Deletion with the Wyatt Family and The New Day
– Pokemon Go is hotter than a Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania main event


Hippojuice: July 13th, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 7/13/16:

– We wish Joel a happy birthday and then try to figure out what he does for a living

– Ramcat and Royce explain why they are with white women

– Joel downloads Pokemon Go and Pastor Royce says he’s chasing demons


Dutch and Royce: July 12th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 7/12/16:

– We are live in the brand new studio and we had to work out the kinks with Frontier Communications

– Don’t stop believing unless you’re a Bernie supporter

– Pokemon Go has changed the lives of many in just a week


Hippojuice: July 6th, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 7/6/16:

– YouTube needs to change its rules about muting music

– We decide to start an all fart radio station that just plays farts over news and music

– We talk about bad managers and how it makes people quit their jobs


Dutch and Royce: July 5th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 7/5/16:

– John blows up lots of fireworks and learns to breathe fire

– Hammy joins in to tell us about his sad 4th of July story

– Royce and Marie go up to the Weeki Wachee springs and get bitten by horse flies

– Mitch and Sherri go camping and catch a lot of fish

– Hammy tells a story of when he was bit by a black widow spider, so we keep talking about spiders


The Untitled Movie Podcast: July 3rd, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for 7-3-2016:

-Damon Devorss, the American Dream, is our special guest for our show this week since Chris is doing the vacation thing for the long weekend (seriously, though, why should you listen to Damon? He knows a lot about horror movies, you should!)
-What is the most American movie? We talk about that, about movies that make you feel good when you feel shitty or sick, and what movies get you in the zone to kick some ass!
-Also, we’re day drankin’, so we go off on wild tangents (Roger Rabbit, Jerry Maguire, Rambo, you’re up!). Please bear with us.


Papa’s Basement: June 30th, 2016


-It’s our 500th episode!

-We get kicked off our one air station (after a whopping two months) and have a few choice words for them.

-Co-host Howard is a dead ringer for a child molester who was caught groping a 5th grader’s ass at the mall next to the studio. We do our best to get him to go shopping with us after the show and see how many dirty looks he gets.


Brainstu Wrestling: June 29th, 2016


– CM Punk has his first UFC fight set against Mickey Gall
– Is there a better wellness policy we can think of for WWE?
– Mike reviews Ring Of Honor: Best In The World 2016
– Bret Hart criticizes WWE for not booking Curtis Axel
– We marvel at what was revealed from Sandra Toffoloni, sister of Nancy Benoit, on Talk Is Jericho
– RAW Recap: Rollins opens the show talking Reigns suspension, New Day mimics The Wyatt Family, Zayn and Owens on Jericho’s “Highlight Reel”
– Question/s Of The Week: Should WWE have two major world titles with the brand split & in one sentence, how do we fix TNA?


Hippojuice: June 29th, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 6/29/16:

– John was used to make someone else’s boyfriend jelly and we try to figure out if there’s a chance

– Marie has an existential crisis getting a pap test at the doctor’s office

– We try to figure out what animal would be a fair fight for a John Stand Up bit


Dutch and Royce: June 28th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 6/28/16:

– Joel shits in the middle of Lake Pueblo and Mitch just gets leeches

‪#‎RoboTrump‬ is going to solve world terror with ‪#‎Farts4Isis‬

– We argue about if you can put knives in the dishwasher and bras in the dryer because we’re adults


GoT Wieners and Such: June 27th, 2016

Game of Thrones Wieners and Such – S6E10 Winds of the Winter – 6/27/16:

– Cersei drops the bomb on old King’s Landing and becomes the Mad Queen.

– Jon Snow is like Jay Z’s kid – both Stark and Targaryen

– Lady Mormont is everyone’s new favorite character

– Sam needs to take his woman’s legs to the spreadatorium


The Conte And Kenny Show: June 27th, 2016

“Johnny O in Studio”

– Kenny is the Captain on the ship
– Conte on Skype
– Our Scottish pal calls in
– Health update


Papa’s Basement: June 27th, 2016


-We get to interview Ron and Gail Bennington (as well as fellow MLRer Chris Stanley) in the DC Sirius-XM studios. Needless to say, it was fantastic, and thanks again to all of them for making it possible.

-Just how laid is LeBron getting with this third win?

-How Game of Thrones finally got it right last week


Rorschach And Doc: June 25th, 2016

Rorschach And Doc 6-25-16

– Chekov is murdered by his car

– Masterchef Talk with voicemails

– Rorschach is gonna make his own ham biscuits

– Hamilton sucks

– Doc was caught perusing the Zootopia porn Reddit

– Rorschach and Doc have a subredit

– Doc talks about his drinks mixing and food creations

– We do a bonus show … talking about how School Ties was placed in an Alt-Universe where the Nazis won and Docs food orders.

– Doc is FINALLY playing Hearthstone


The Untitled Movie Podcast: June 26, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast for June 26, 2016:

-It’s been a while, so let’s catch up on the weekend box office for the last three weeks (cash is king, obviously)
-Finding Dory, as reviewed by Chris, was a sequel that was asked for by many….Independence Day: Resurgence, not so much.
-Warcraft (directed by Duncan Jones) needs to learn how to say THANK YOU in Chinese thanks to their box office draw
-JK Simmons now is Commissioner Gym Gordon (thank you, Damon)
-Helen Mirren is now going to be in Fast & Furious 8? Alllllllllrighty then.
-We go through an HBO update, including GoT, Westworld, Vinyl, True Detective and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
-You like TV shows like The Jinx and Making A Murderer? You really need to watch OJ: Made In America according to Mark.
-The Jerry Lewis clown Holocaust movie gets talked about and reviewed. No, this sentence is not a typo.
-Eli Roth is working with Bruce Willis AND Jim Carrey??
-RIP Anton Yelchin
-Our collective review of 10 Cloverfield Lane
-We went to a Lebowski event at the Polk Theatre, and accidentally spit on fellow movie watchers. Sorry?


The Cousin Joe Show: June 23rd, 2016

– Ticketmaster Settlement
– “Documentary Now!” Talk
– Stairway And Other Borrowed Songs
– New Dating Site
– Porn For The Blind


Brainstu Wrestling: June 22nd, 2016


– WWE Money In The Bank recap
– Raw Recap: Returning Wyatt Family feuds with New Day, returning Sasha Banks feuds with Charlotte, the audience LOVES Dean Ambrose as champion and Reigns is NOT loved by the crowd
– Roman Reigns’s suspension and how WWE’s wellness policy is not fair when compared to other sports as well as other performers on the roster
– WWE brand split PPV schedule leaked


Hippojuice: June 22nd, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 6/22/2016:

– We need to come up with a non-denominational way of saying Pray for Orlando

– We talk politics for a little bit, sorry. But we fix it by discussing the worst Subway sandwich you can invent.

– We try to sell haunted typewriters to hipsters by putting mustaches on them


Dutch and Royce: June 21st, 2016

Dutch and Royce: June 21st, 2016
– Royce and Marie Close on a house
– Sherri’s family goes to jail
– Proper Handjob technique


360 on 420: June 18th, 2016


-Orlando shooting
-Nod updates
-Tv and movies/Nerdy shit


Rorschach and Doc : June 18th, 2016

Rorschach and Doc 6-18-16

– Masterchef voicemails and discussion devolves into Brittany talk..

– Rorschach has gained psychic powers

– Father’s day insanity

– More Judy Hopps talk and Rorschach waifu comes to light..

– Furry talk galore!!!

– Disney movies everyone should see

– Octopusses are aliens


The Conte And Kenny Show: June 13th, 2016

“A Spagget-Together”

-Conte is Angry and losing his mind

– Guns vs Guns

– Penny will be missed

– Rolf vs Rudy

– Bon Jovi Stinks


The Cousin Joe Show: June 16th, 2016

– With Ian Lazarus & Royce Lopez
– Bonnaroo Recap
– Other Festival Talk


Brainstu Wrestling: June 15th, 2016


– Money In The Bank predictions
– Raw Recap: Vaudevillains get epic heel heat interrupting fun things, Cena vs. Styles is the best feud going into MITB, Shield reunion on Ambrose Asylum & Kevin Owens is gold on commentary
– CM Punk finally has a date for his UFC debut
– Jeff Hardy wants to return to WWE just so he can jump off a cage
– TNA Slammiversary almost didn’t happen because they forgot to pay the bills