Dutch and Royce: August 23rd, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 8/23/2016:

– Royce and Marie tell family stories from the weekend and also go to an Indy Wrestling event with Mersh

– Mitch and Sherri impulse buy a dishwasher and brew a lot of alcohol. They even sent Royce and Marie some to try

– John dances in cosplay for #3000brigade and started an exercise class called 12 Rounds with John that we assume is for dogs

– Joel and Kelsey take offense to not being invited to Royce & Marie’s housewarming


Papas Basement: August 22nd, 2016


-Co-hostess Sara returns from a meditation retreat. Hear if she got laid, what she was fed, and if anyone busted ass during silent meditation. Repeatedly.

-Co-host Howard visits Atlantic City for a coke-fuelled night at a strip club that’s definitely worth listening to if you enjoy your podcast content debauched


The Reel Thing: August 21st, 2016

The Reel Thing for August 21, 2016:

-It’s money time! We talk about the latest box office numbers (Suicide Squad wins again), Jared Leto throwing a hissy fit while the world is thrown at his feet, and comparing this crop of summer movies to years past in terms of quality, etc.
-Chris reviews Sausage Party, and we discuss the work of Seth Rogen and the hardest we’ve laughed in movies recently (re: we like movies about farts and poop FYI).
-We hit up the latest movie news, including the return of Bad Boys, Jesus from The Big Lebowski, Lady Gaga and Lethal Weapon.
-Our trailer round-up hits on Arrival, The Good Neighbor and Mr. Church.


Rorschach And Doc: August 20th, 2016

Rorschach And Doc 8-20-16

– Weird Rorschach voicemail rants
– Larry Wilmore was canceled, thank god
– Doc and Rorschach play more of the Top & Bottom Bitchez game


Masters Of None: August 21st, 2016

– Season Finale
– Art’s exploding insides
– Holy Spinoff Show, Batman!


Hippojuice: August 17th, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 8/17/16:

– Jared Leto is mad because he felt he was tricked into doing the Joker

– We tell James Cameron how to fix Avatar as Jezebel tells No Man’s Sky the title is sexist

– Basil Marceaux runs for Governor of Tennessee in 2016 and gets that gold fringe off our flag

– McDonalds has to put a cap on the free food for athletes


Dutch and Royce: August 16th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 8/16/16:

– Dutch DJed a bad wedding on a Monday night and it was horrible

– But in better news, Sherri picked out her wedding dress and Marie comes up with a great new photography business

– We have a little olympics talk as Usain Bolt becomes a meme, Ryan Lochte gets robbed at gun point in Rio, and people break their arms and legs


The Reel Thing: August 14th, 2016


-Chris and Mark reviews the reigning champ at the box office, Suicide Squad. Will it put a smile on our face?
-Pete’s Dragon comes out this weekend, and Chris gives his take on this revamped Disney movie.
-We talk recently released trailers, including Dog Eat Dog, Dunkirk and Rogue One.
-Chris Whetton is a clairvoyant when it comes to Ghostbusters. SCARY.
-Ocean’s Ocho is the female Ocean’s Eleven. ¡AY CARUMBA!
-RIP The Big Lebowski
-We talk about Orlando Bloom’s dick. You’re welcome?


Rorschach And Doc: August 13th, 2016

Rorschach And Doc 8-13-16

– We start off with some nightmare technical difficulties recorded in crystal clear digital for all to enjoy

– Our girl Manda from Hell’s Kitchen poses for some randy pictures that made Doc and I’s week.

– Doc and I take the friendship test to see who knows who better. Listen to see who won.. (it was CLOSE)

– We find the hottest insane porn .. that is mostly talk.

– Doc tries out the new Taco Bell products

– Rorschach is initially freaked out by No Mans Sky but a turn comes

– Doc and I talk about Overrated movies and TV shows


Brainstu Wrestling: August 10th, 2016


– Broken Matt Hardy is the greatest thing in Pro Wrestling today
– Team USA killing it in the Olympics
– Conor McGregor calls WWE superstars pussies, but can he really kick their asses?
– Joey Styles fired from WWE
– Wade Barrett said League Of Nations was just to push Reigns
– RAW RECAP: Enzo, Cass, Jericho & Owens start Raw strong, Braun Stroman destroys another local talent, Rollins v Balor heating up, Cesaro vs Sheamus, Roman Reigns is for once not boring and Daniel Bryan tells Cesaro he’s being misused, because duh
– SMACKDOWN RECAP: Wyatt Family vs Ambrose & Ziggler delivers, Eva Marie is the WORST gimmick of 2016, Orton vs Del Rio


Hippojuice: August 10th, 2016

– Movie and TV talk: Stranger Things, Zootopia, Lady Dynamite

– Police kill civilian in Police Academy training

– Reading a bible while driving



Dutch and Royce: August 9th, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 8/9/2016:

– The US is crushing the Olympics in medals

– Royce goes into an Isolation Tank and describes what it’s like

– We give out some reviews about Suicide Squad without spoilers

– Sherri shares some of her wedding ideas and plans


Loose Noose: August 8th, 2016

Loose Noose Podcast for Monday, August8, 2016
Show Title: When the Dress Goes on, The Gloves Come off

Featuring: Ian Lazarus, Shannon Cooke, Ryan Dalton, Kal and Ryan

A friend who’s been living with a secret comes on the Noose and frees himself from the constraints of it. This episode spans abuse, bullying, pain, trauma, self-discovery and most-improtanlty, hope.


Rorschach And Doc: August 6, 2016

Rorschach and Doc 8-6-16

– Rorschach and Doc discuss bottom and top bitches.. and Phase 3 causes controversy.

– Masterchef Talk!

– Rorschand Doc get a shout out from


Brainstu Wrestling: August 3rd, 2016

– Hammy’s friends Jeff, Matt & Nick are in-studio guests because Mike is not on Skype
– The Resurrection of Jake The Snake almost made Hammy cry
– Raw Recap: Enzo, Sasha, Jericho & Charlotte have an awesome opening segment/match, Roman Reigns is now facing mid-carders, Sami Zayn & Rollings have an excellent main event & Balor steps up to Rollins
– Smackdown Recap: Heel-ish Ambrose, Apollo Crews is the #1 contender for the IC Title, AJ Styles & Cena steal the show
– Summerslam card looks LEGIT
– Rhyno wins a Republican House seat in Michigan
– Lillian Garcia leaves WWE to take care of her Father
– Ric Flair regrets ever going to TNA in the “no shit” news story of the week


Hippojuice: August 3rd, 2016

Hippojuice Highlights 8/3/2016:

– Rhapsody bought Napster to re-brand, but why when YouTube exists?

– Is Trump too ridiculous to fail? Doesn’t matter, a dancing flamingo is dead.

– Pope Francis considers letting women be deacons. Considers.

– Armageddon is now predicted to be October 21, 2016 and it’s not because of Pokemon Go.


Dutch and Royce: August 2nd, 2016

Dutch and Royce Highlights 8/2/2016:

– Royce and Marie saw both Dave Matthews Band & Guns N Roses perform in one week, and both concerts were amazing

– Watch Stranger Things but not The Suicide Squad

– That’s Not Jiggy at all! Examples follow.


The Reel Thing: August 2, 2016

The Reel Thing for August 2, 2016

-Box office numbers are in, and Bourne is back with the top spot, but is the film Jason Bourne worth the damn we were giving about it at the beginning of the summer movie season?
-Mark went to see Guns N’ Roses this past weekend in Orlando and argues that the song You Could Be Mine is the baddest motherfucking song that’s ever been in a movie (not really an argument, more of an observation as Chris agrees)
-Donald Trump continues to be awful to everyone, including stealing music from dead Hollywood composer Jerry Goldsmith
-We talk 90’s movies and reboots coming your way, including how Mark is going to be having an aquatic movie marathon thanks to Waterworld and Splash, and the Rocketeer is now a black chick? Huh??
-Michael Keaton, we salute you for your career choices (aka being against a Beetlejuice sequel) and your long overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
-If hate were people, Mark would be China thanks to the movie Grease, and Chris discusses his distaste of Big Fish and recent Wes Anderson films (CUE THE KINKS!)


Loose Noose: August 1st, 2016

Loose Noose Podcast for Monday, August 1, 2016
Show Title: Tiny Boy Dick All Over My House
With Guest: Kaytlin Bailey
– Stories/philosophy from Kaytlin about being a former call girl
– Safety/parents finding-out about being a call girl
– Lack of information/care regarding female sexual pleasure
– Good dick is hard to come by
– Don’t let your daughter read Anais Nin at a young age
– Goddess culture vs. war culture


Papas Basement: August 1st, 2016


-Why Netflix’s Stranger Things is the best show released in years

-I ran through NFL combine drills at Redskins Park…and now respect even the scrubbiest players in the league


Rorschach and Doc: July 30th, 2016

Rorschach and Doc Show 7-30-16

– Masterchef voicemails… Masterchef talk..
– Rick And Morty goodness’
– Farts
– Match Game madness
– So many stalled endings


Elvis and Alfred: July 28th, 2016


-Recorded live at Flame Fine Cigars in Port Jefferson NY

– Jay the Bartender joins us and talks about the time he played basketball with Chewbacca and Boba Fet at MSG

-San Diego Comic Con reviews

-Music in this episode, Iron Chic, Streetlight Manifesto, Youth Brigade, Bloc Party, Vandals


Brainstu Wrestling: July 28th, 2016


– WWE Battleground Recap: Matches were overall better than Wrestlemania, Ambrose brings WWE Championship to Smackdown, Owens vs Zayn is a WWE MOTY candidate
– Raw Recap: Sasha banks wins Womens Championship, Finn Balor vs Rollins is your Summerslam main event
– Smackdown Recap: Eva Marie has the worst entrance ever, Dolph Ziggler vs Ambrose is your Summerslam Smackdown main event
– Question of The Week: Will Ziggler turn heel in program with Ambrose?
– Did WWE give Sasha Banks the Womens Championship too soon


The Cousin Joe Show: July 28th, 2016

– With Dave Saitzyk, Featuring Kenny Michaels & Royce Lopez
– Early Music Sharing
– How Long Do You Put Up With A Crazy Girl?
– More Music & Movie Talk
– List Of American Customs Offensive In Other Countries


Papas Basement: July 28th, 2016


-Leslie Jones encounters a racist Twitter barrage

-Did Melania Trump steal her speech?

-Why Ghostbusters flopped


Dutch and Royce: July 26th, 2016

– Royce’s Birthday Weekend

– The DNC

– Police shootings


The Reel Thing: July 24th, 2016

The Untitled Movie Podcast is dead. Long live The Untitled Movie Podcast…..and make way for The Reel Thing on MLR for 7/24/2016!

-We are joined by our friend Brandon Peterson, who also knows more about movies than you probably do (especially horror)
-Box office numbers are discussed, sequels are already planned for Ghostbusters and Star Trek, and the Internet continues to be terrible towards Leslie Jones
-Divergent gets downgraded to a made-for-tv movie, so maybe Hollywoodis getting smarter?
-Wait, ANOTHER XXX/Xander Cage movie is coming out?? Forget what we just said about Hollywood being smart.
-RIP Garry Shandling, and RIP the VCR
-All three of us reminisce about (allegedly) the good times we had at AMC Merchants Walk 10 (thank God for the statue of limitations)
-We talk tv for a bit, including Stranger Things, The Night Of, and why Chris thinks The Wire is the most overrated show HBO offers
-Comic Con just happened, so we delve into all of the trailers and news that got released (Justice League, Kong, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, King Arthur, Blair Witch & Captain Marvel)
-Mark puts Chris and Brandon to sleep over the discussion of Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk with dad movie actor Mark Rylance
-Jason Bourne comes out this week (FUCK YEAH), so we talk about the series and where we rank the previous movies


Loose Noose: July 25th, 2016

Loose Noose Podcast for Monday, July 25
Show Title: Above the Neck & Below the Belt
With Guest: Dan DiMarino
– The new Pokemon game app and people’s need to over-post love AND hate of it
– The psychology of starting/doing standup comedy
– Handjobs
– Not being able to hit our kids – missing-out by a few generations
– Handling people’s aggressions/fistfights
– Men are less willing to be tied-up during sex than men


Rorschach And Doc: July 23rd, 2016

Rorschach and Doc 7-23-16

– Our first show back in 3 weeks

– TONS of MasterChef Talk and our girl Britney gets kicked off… as well as Ecstasy Shoes and Gay Fireman

– Doc and Rorschach pick out favorite current porn stars

– Pokemon Go Shit.. murders.. rapists.. dead bodies..

– Bladder Water


360 on 420: July 23rd, 2016


– FF
-Comic Con
– Current Events